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13 JAN 2023

We have a new Li-Ion cell with a capacity of 218 A in stock.


04 JAN 2023

We offer battery sets from Li-Ion and LiFePO4 cells - AkuSet and AkuBox.


25 AUG 2022

New LiFePO4 cell with a capacity of 302 Ah in stock in late September.


19 AUG 2022

A new BMS with a range of 6S to 21S for LiFEPO4 and Li-Ion cells from now on.


1 JUL 2022

We are all out of the office from 4 July 2022 to 8 July 2022. Phone line services, sending or receiving ordered or claimed goods, pick-ups, issuing tax documents will be available from 11 July 2022.


9 JUN 2022

We have new cell alternatives with a capacity of 135 Ah and 230 Ah to the best-selling LiFePO4 cells. Both new cells are almost identical in size to cells with a capacity of 120 Ah, resp. 205 Ah.


8 JUN 2022

In the e-shop you will find new models of batteries composed of Li-Ion cells.


21 APR 2022

We added a 100 A version of 8S for LiFePO4 cells and 7S for Li-Ion cells to the BMS series.


9 MAR 2022

LiFePO4 cells with a capacity of 125 Ah of the NARADA brand and 135 Ah of the REPT brand complete the range of lithium cells.


21 FEB 2022

Due to our production capacities and high customer interest in ready-to-use battery packs of the AkuSet, AkuBox and PowerCase types, we temporarily suspending the possibility of ordering them on our e-shop since 1 March 2022. We estimate the delivery date for already ordered products to be two to three months.


26 JAN 2022

A new LiFePO4 cell 30 Ah replaces a previous product with a capacity of 26 Ah.


2 NOV 2021

We apologize to customers that due to the high demand for lithium cells and battery packs, deliveries of goods are delayed. We continuously stock the goods and work to increase them.


4 OCT 2021

A new LiFePO4 cell 280 Ah replaces a previous product with a capacity of 271 Ah.


15 SEP 2021

New 24 V (nominal 25.6 V) battery packs with a smart BMS, including a mating piece with a DC connector, in our offer.


1 SEP 2021

A professional rack backup battery BYD U3A1-50P-A in stock.


5 AUG 2021

Battery packs (AkuBox and PowerCase) with BMS in a box or case. From now on.


11 JUN 2021

We are now expecting cylindrical Li-Ion cells BAK N18650CK 3000mAh 3.6V and BAK N21700CG 5000mAh 3.6V.


1 JUN 2021

New compact Li-Ion batteries PHYLION LMO 14Ah 3.65V on sale.