Technical specifications

Model: DL24


Weight: 280 g

Weight including parts: 380 g

Colour: orange (fan; may vary)

Operating voltage: 6 V ~ 12 V DC

Measuring range: 0 A ~ 25 A; 0 V ~ 200 V DC; 0 W ~ 150 W

Cable length with cable clamp: approx. 25 cm

Dimensions (W × H × D): 97 × 157 × 68 mm


The device measures actual parameters of cells, batteries, power supplies, chargers, etc. The device with integrated Bluetooth can be connected to a mobile device or PC, which can then generate reports (Microsoft Excel).


Measured and set values ​​are displayed on a 2.5 "colour LED display (in English or Chinese). A setting and switching of individual functions is performed by four function buttons next to the display. The device is equipped with an active heatsink for long-term use.


There is a connector hub with a 5 mm DC connector, mini USB, micro USB and USB-C., As well as a temperature sensor, USB cable and two cables with a crocodile clip. The device is powered by a 12 V DC / 1 A source with EU reduction.


Quick user manual for DL24

Download (273.32k)

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